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January Findings at Amazon


Good morning friends! I did a quick tour of Amazon Haul on IG Stories last weekend and thought I’d share it with you here in case you missed it or haven’t seen it yet! Usually there is a failure in the group, but not this test. I love all! Luckily everything is well priced so I feel better about not having returns. 😉

Goodthreads Shaker Stitch Sweater

{ Sweater, size M / Leggings, size M / Shoes, TTS }

I’m pretty sure I bought this in two different colors so I’ll show you the other color below as well. This was a mistake on my part because I went down the rabbit hole and ended up seeing this sweater in a different color and added it to cart without double checking. So I guess all of that to say: I really like this sweater.

I’m in the middle and it fits TTS. It’s an overall fit, tight at the shoulders and looser at the bottom but not boxy. A really nice weight, thick enough to offer warmth but not so thick that you feel claustrophobic. Sweater claustrophobia is real and I’ve been there before.

Find this sweater here.

{ Sweater, size M / Denim, size 28R / Boots, TTS }

Here it is in charcoal heather grey. Find it here.

Daily Ritual Terry Henley Jumper

{ Jumper, size M / Leggings, size M / Trainers, TTS }

Rumor has it that I have a full style post tomorrow with this hoodie, but it’s too good not to share twice. I’m in the medium and it’s a loose fit. Overall, it’s a loose fit, but intentionally loose. I would say if you want it to fit a little smaller you can go down the size, but overall it’s a relaxed fit and true to size.

Find this jumper here.

Daily Ritual Fine Gauge Cardigan

{ Cardigan, size M / Tank top, M / Leggings, size M / Trainers, TTS }

This is an essential cardigan for any wardrobe. This is a tight, lightweight knit in the softest of grey. It’s super soft but has enough structure to hold its shape and not wrinkle. I’m in the middle and it fits TTS.

Find this cardigan here.

Goodthreads Marled Popcorn Knit Pullover

{ Sweater, size M / Denim, size 28R / Boots, TTS }

This is a lovely sweater and it has the popcorn stitch which I find very endearing. This time of winter, when you’re looking at your sweaters for the hundredth time, the little things make a big difference. I’m in the middle and it fits TTS! It’s a shorter but not cropped feel on me. It’s pretty warm just FYI. Not for the warm winter days here in Texas.

Find the sweater here.

Goodthreads Funnel Neck Cropped Sweater

{ Sweater, size M / Denim, size 28R / Boots, TTS }

This sweater is my favorite from this test! It’s soft, cozy and I love the high neckline on this sweater. It’s slightly cropped, but not really if we’re being honest. It’s right on top of my jean as seen here:

I’m in the middle and it fits TTS! Great find in my opinion.

Find the sweater here.

Daily Ritual Teddy Coat

{ Coat, size M / Sweater, size M / Denim, 28R / Boots, TTS }

This coat surprised me in such a good way!! You know I’m halfway in and out of the furry coat trend, so finding one this year wasn’t on my radar. But that glowing haze on my screen and the chamomile tea I was drinking drew me to this purchase. I blame the herbal tea on a cold Friday night.

I opted for this hunter green color, but it is selling out fast! So I bought the camel color and I’m waiting for it to arrive so I can design it for a post. I’m in the middle and it’s a generous fit but TTS. Which means you can throw a bulky sweater under this and be fine.

Find the teddy coat here.

Daily Ritual Oversized T-Shirt

{ T-shirt, size L / Denim, size 28R / Trainers, TTS }

OMG I love a baggy t-shirt. Although I try not to wear things that are too baggy, too big, or ill-fitting this year, I love a baggy t-shirt. It feels like coming home, you know? This particular shirt suits TTS – if you’re a medium, go with a medium. However, I pressed the wrong button and ordered the large and it’s a bit too large. So stick with your TTS and enjoy this beautiful slouchy t-shirt.

Find the t-shirt here.

Cute with the cardigan too!

Goodthreads sweatshirt with frills on the shoulders

{ Sweater, size M / Denim, size 28/ Trainers, TTS }

I love this sweatshirt and IT’S BACK IN STOCK BABY! (As of Thursday, January 21 at 9 am that is…)

I’m in the middle, big surprise there. But it does fit pretty well across the shoulders, so if this is a fit issue for you, then size up one for more shoulder room. Amazon suggested I get the XL so I was hoping it would fit very tight, but no. It’s TTS just tighter than a normal sweatshirt.

Find the sweatshirt here.

What piece would you like to see stylized on the blog? Let me know!