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Sometimes when trying on a new outfit, I play the game of “cute or crazy?” I play with my husband. Usually he is dropped as a pop quiz, early in the morning when he is good and fuzzy. This is really a terrible strategy now as I write this I mean we have a firm rule not to ask each other important questions in the morning (I’m a morning person so everything is great! He’s not a morning person so everything is meh.) Anyway, I played this fun game while getting dressed today. I had about 4 versions of outfits with this top. I finally decided to mix it with this floral skirt. I mean this skirt means business with this print so it might as well draw attention to the whole outfit right? There’s no need to be subtle when it comes to patterns. (For the record, this outfit got the approval of “cute” and not “crazy”.)



Yesterday I bought a new phone. We’ve always had insurance on my phone (for things like water, fire, and pancake syrup), so I thought I’d run and do a straight trade. Oh no, that didn’t happen. Instead, they talked me into an upgrade. (Trust me, this wasn’t a hard thing to do.) I am now the proud owner of a Samsung Galaxy Note 3, which is basically like a phone + tablet. This means it’s a bit huge and I love it. While looking at all the phone options yesterday, I opened Pinterest just to see what it looked like on my chosen phone. (Remember, Pinterest depends on my phone, so it’s important to test it.) My husband was talking to the seller about billing, pricing, etc., he looked at me and called me. “Are you on Pinterest?!?” However, I’m proud to report that Pinterest on a giant screen is amazing. If you ever can’t reach me on the phone, it’s because I’m ignoring your calls and pinning.



Striped Top Target

J.Crew floral pencil skirt

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Ornament Bar Necklace

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