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closet crush



Do you ever pat yourself on the back for buying a certain piece in your closet? I wasn’t sure about this skirt when I first bought it because it’s so voluminous, so high waisted, so midi, I mean, so many things in one skirt that it could be intimidating. But it attracts me so much. It makes me feel instantly put together, classic and feminine all at the same time.

Get this ridiculous: I almost packed this skirt for Europe. Now this wouldn’t be ridiculous if we were going to Europe for a weekend trip just to wander the streets and take photos. But we were walking miles every day, sightseeing/drinking wine, constantly on the go. I have made a promise to this skirt that one day I will take it to Paris and photograph myself on the streets in all the splendor of this skirt. But for the sake of hauling a 40lb suitcase across three countries, thank goodness I didn’t take this non-essential. Speaking of packing, I’m almost done with my post on what to pack for Europe! It’s actually quite weird to be so bossy and tell you what to pack. But I’m pretty good at being bossy, so I’ll move on. Hopefully it will be up this afternoon/evening, I promise. And if not, well, then it’s true: I’m terrible at keeping promises.
J.Crew Factory T-Shirt
Midi skirt by TopShop(this is light blue)
BC wedges (updated version)
Madewell Bag
c/o Kate Spade watch
Anthro Sunglasses